Our strategy

At present Luminanz sees an enormous market that it needs to attack quickly and effectively. The global lighting market has been estimated at around $172bn dollars per annum (UK Department of Trade & Industry 2006).

In order to establish a foothold with its unique technology, in the short-term Luminanz sees its progression into that market to be via the licensing route. However, short-run manufacturing, linked to the research and development function, will be a tool for ensuring that quality from licensees is kept high.

Luminanz does not envisage negotiating any exclusive licences and there is room in such a huge market for a range of approaches, including dedicated manufacture for certain products and the possibility of joint manufacturing ventures for others. The secret is to walk before we run and to ensure market acceptance of products at the lowest risk before taking on higher risk ventures – such as dedicated production plants.

However, this could prove to be a lucrative second phase to the Luminanz story and needs to be addressed as soon as there is significant product being sold.
With the current global financial situation, the imperative for a rental option for major customers is more pressing than ever and this could prove to be the key to winning significant business. Even with many major companies during the present economic downturn liquidity is a problem and capital reserves are not available for an up-front payment on non-core activities.

An effective rental product can effectively allow for capital cost to be amortised over the life of the rental scheme and result in an immediate cash and bottom-line benefit to the user when compared to their existing energy bill.

Luminanz has plans in place to establish a finance company and are currently in discussion over a number of possible ways of undertaking this, including taking advice from the Co-operative Bank in the UK.