Luminanz Limited is a private company established in 2005. Based in Bolton, Northwest England, was established to exploit patents for using light wave guides and air gaps to convert point source light from LEDs into acceptable light output for all forms of lighting and signage.

The founder and majority shareholder of Luminanz Ltd is Morton Graham. Morton has been involved in the development and application of LED lighting for many years and can count the BP neon replacement tube among his many successful products.

Recent developments with LEDs and, particularly, high-brightness white have changed the market opportunities dramatically. In recent years Morton’s work has revolved around the use of LED light sources indirectly, perfect for the high-brightness applications; this has given Luminanz a time advantage of several years over others in the market, including the major players.

Luminanz’s technology has been recognised by many major names during development, which has involved factory and field trials with some of the biggest commercial names. A few of these are listed below;

  • McDonald’s
  • Tesco
  • Shell
  • Telent/Highways Agency
  • National Health Service
  • Clear Channel

A diverse marketplace

There are many differing lighting products and applications in the market today, the majority of which are simply not going to deliver the potential benefits available due to poor design and/or misuse of the technology.

There are serious hazards which exist with the latest generation of high powered LEDs associated with potential retinal damage which must be handled correctly. We are constantly seeing LED products which can achieve the required light output but there is always a compromise somewhere, such as overheating and higher energy consumption which will lead to inefficient working and early failure. These products have the potential to undermine the technology.

Luminanz has developed a unique low carbon LED technology that holds the answer to all of these issues.

Our greatest advantage is that as LEDs get brighter and more powerful – which they surely will - Luminanz’s technology will continue to get better and better. This undoubtedly will NOT be the case for our competitors, where the current issues, particularly surrounding eye safety, with their technologies will be exposed and worsen.

Shell Springboard Runner Up 2009

Shell SpringboardLuminanz was selected for the finals of the Shell Springboard Scheme, a competition for small businesses with big ideas on climate change. They were announced as winners in the Northwest, midlands and Wales, as well as being runners up across the whole UK during March 2009, resulting in a major cash prize to be used for product development purposes. The application was based on the Torus light.